Submissive Musing.....

This blog +18 NSFW. If you are not of legal age, please come back when you are. I refuse to be responsible for your lack of judgment. I realize that this may look exciting to you but this is not a game. I live the lifestyle 24/7.
I am a proper lady, when spoken to and treated with respect. Disrespect me and you shall find me to be most disagreeable. I care deeply for my followers and take extra care with those seeking advice. I enjoy chatting with them and encourage them to ask questions. I am a lover of books, a terrible bibliophile with a rather large personal library. I also have another blog titled catiesstorycorner where you can find the stories that I write. The best part about those stories are that they are real and true, save for one that has not yet happened, but it shall.
I also enjoy the more perverse side of life. Just ask any of my friends. I love tentacles, tea and being tied up.
I was born in the US, was raised in the UK and have now settled back in the US to enjoy life. I live my life on my own terms and answer to no one save the one that earns my submission. That person needs to be strong and firm but also needs to be gentle.
I do not claim to own any of the images here on my blog save those I mark as my own. If you see something that belongs to you and wish it removed, please send me a private message requesting that I do so.
I hope that you enjoy your little trip down the dark corridors of my mind, if you happen to get lost, don't worry, a tentacle shall be by shortly to show you the way out.

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